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  • You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. When Tiffany, a start-up bridal designer, wrote in feeling torn about her desire to launch a second, unrelated business — I had to respond. As a multipassionate entrepreneur , I know this dilemma intimately. Most humans I know have more than one gift to share. But there is one highly important question you need to ask yourself to find the best, right path ahead for you at this point in your journey.

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    Have you ever felt torn between two businesses or two careers? Are you finding your way through this now?

    Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough. Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments.

    Links to other posts, videos, etc. What a timely lesson! I just went through this difficult decision myself. I decided to make my original idea, which has taken two years of training for, and made it my side dish.

    And opted for the newer exciting opportunity as the main. I sat down and made a list of Pros and Cons for each as well as the expected time it would take to start earning the money I wanted to achieve.

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    I also brainstormed ideas for ways to utilize both as a hybrid …using the 1 to boost the 2nd. And after about 2 days of some serious analyzing, I did it!!! And I am very happy, though as you stated, its a little chaotic as I put the finishing touches on both of them. So on my calendar, I allot several hours to work on each project. Some days 1 gets more than the other but it works. I have self-imposed deadlines for each to launch and it is wonderful.

    Hard work now, but the payout is well worth it. Fantastic, Miryam!

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    It sounds like you put a really clear plan in place and got crystal clear on your goals. Great advice! Instead of food, I always thought of it being like an educational system.

    You can have a major, a double major, a major with a minor, or a major with a concentration. Granted, the newest version of After Effects is much improved, but some manual work was probably still required. I am now at the point of holy crap, I have NO money plus bills and commitments coming out of my yin yang and I should have pursued the first idea as it likely had a better chance at generating income faster! I made a decision yesterday to place my first idea on hold and concentrate on the other idea and am saying my prayers and asking the universe to assist as there is simply no more time.

    Thanks for this very timely video this morning.

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    Your friend, Kristin. Can be scary. You can do this! Keep going! Great show today Marie and crew xxx. Currently torn between my dual passions vs making enough money to pay the monthlies. Both creative storytelling and events are big part of my career currently. I have a business plan for one but not the other. Thank you.

    Why join the course?

    I hope you have a wonderful time trying on different futures, Kirsten! Such an interesting topic for me right now.

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  • I started my online stationery business seven years ago and loved it. Just over a year ago I was drawn to start a second online business, a side dish to my main course, which is all about helping people to worry less and enjoy life more. There is some cross over as I have designed stationery products that fit with the wellbeing business, such as gratitude journals, affirmation, intention and mantra cards.

    But recently the strain of running two businesses became too much, I decided I need to choose one to focus on and the one that I see as where my future lies is the wellbeing business, my side dish has become my main.

    Just need to find someone who wants to take it and love it and make it the wonderful business it can be, so that I can focus on my wellbeing business and make it the success I see it can be.

    What an exciting time, Gabrielle! Hi Marie, thanks for the great video. I had trouble deciding what I really wanted to do and to really focus my business. And I can see that there is still more fine tuning and focusing to be done. I loved what you said about single pointed focus probably getting you faster results and vice versa with multiple efforts.

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    Thank you for your wise words! I use a Venn Diagram to visualize my business. Yes there are multipassionate expressions but activity in any area fuels activity in the others.

    I learned my lesson years ago about having businesses I enjoyed but where the activity in one did not support the others. So now I have 7 different income streams but they are all tied to my one main passion.

    That also allows me to try new things without having all my eggs in one basket. I know deep in my bones that I want to be able to live abroad again and this factor is perhaps more important in a sense than my career.

    Any insights?! What comes to mind is an online wellness community and skype coaching, for the freedom to live anywhere. Wishing you the best!! There is nothing like having your own revenue from that old J.

    What does your gut tell you is a good approach to this?

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    You say security is important — and it really IS important. But so is moving forward. I say, personally, stick with growing your business from a place of strength, not weakness. Grow organically. Hope that helps. This is such a great question, Nur! There may be other therapists or coaches working somewhere other than their home country that may be willing to talk to you and share their experiences.

    I know how you feel. It sounds to me like you need clarity on which countries you would like to move to first. Then research their holistic therapy laws, then find a course provider who is recognised in that country. Maybe you could practice online in one discipline and have face to face consultations in another that is not a regulated profession in that country.

    Or perhaps you could spend time in a country studying a course that is approved in many other countries. What about speaking to groups about wellness in other countries? Then you might be able to live in another country and travel to more countries to speak. This episode was hugely helpful to me, Marie. Thank you for the wise counsel and encouragement. Keep doing you.

    So Love this episode, this has been a struggle of mine for so long, it is embarrassing to say, however, this year. I merged them and now I have multiple revenue streams and am earning more money than ever without even putting up the proper structures in place like a simple website which I a deciding if I want to develop two or keep them separate and have sister companies, but the one big thing I am so product of, was just taking action because that is the one thing that holds everyone back.

    Right on, Kay! And we definitely agree about not waiting until everything is perfect before launching. So, Just last week I shut down my initial business, it was sucking money and time from what has become my main business.

    My main business germinated from my initial business. With the new focused decision, my main business seems fresh and inspiring to me, which is what I believe it takes to have an impact.

    I loved this episode, as it expressed the challenges I had, serving both. Thank you for your consistent messaging. I concur with the first step in defining what success is to us. Being multi passionate is great but choosing the path that makes more sense is a minor detour.

    Once a business becomes successful and we can hire a staff and delegate more, it frees up our time and makes it much easier to pursue other passions without sinking into debt or having an expensive hobby.

    I am so pumped to get my business going on an upward trajectory. Hi Marie! One being an integrative nutrition and health coach working with busy moms, helping them to find they personal way of combining family life, professional career and time for just being with out doing.

    My second passion is music, more specifically singing and writing lyrics. I have that vision to write and sing songs for children.